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Accelerated Dial-Up

This technology actually works. You have to try it! has Web acceleration technology called "SurfBoost" that brings web traffic to you at lightning speeds without the need for DSL.

Speed Comparison

When you install our client software on your machine, your machine will redirect all web traffic to one of our high-speed servers. Our servers do the caching and compression of the text and images on the webpage and then sends the compressed data to your computer. Your computer will decompress the data and display it at lightning speeds.

You set the compression level you want and SurfBoost does the rest. Your connection to our server will be a persistent, which reduces the number of Internet requests. Normally your computer has to open a connection, make the request and close the connection for each component on the page. Each webpage usually has many images, so this saves you time in having to negotiate the transfer of each of the images.

"Broadband Speeds for your Dial-up Connection!"
(up to 500% faster)

At the core of the SurfBoost platform is the world’s best, lossless data compression algorithm. Pioneered by leading information theorists, it represents one of the most significant advancements in lossless data compression in the last 20 years.

One of the most notable advantages of SurfBoost’s data compression algorithm is its ability to retain, accumulate and capitalize on very small amounts of prior intelligence. By retaining small amounts of intelligence, the SurfBoost data compression algorithm is able to consistently achieve compression ratios that are far beyond those of any other data compression algorithm available. In an Internet setting, these superior compression ratios translate into dramatic increases in the end-users’ effective bandwidth. Furthermore, these compression ratios result in large reductions in overall bandwidth usage.

The adaptability of the SurfBoost data compression algorithm is particularly well suited to dynamic and template-based content such as news, finance, corporate applications and shopping websites where the page contents change regularly but the general format and structure of the page remains consistent. The single-pass, on-line nature of the SurfBoost data compression technology means that data is streamed across the network without any buffering, making it ideal for high traffic environments.

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